one in a million

dream, share, remember.
respect and dare to be different.
because you are the one in a million ;)

“If your aim is to touch the sky, first place your head in Sujood.”

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“Pasangan kita nanti (suami/istri) adalah orang yang paling dekat sebagai sarana kita membuktikan cinta kita kepada Allah.”

Bang Adil - dalam group FIMClub Parenting-Pendidikan

Pasangan yang shalih/shalihah telah menyelamatkan setengah agamamu, kamu tinggal berupaya untuk menyelamatkan dan berjuang untuk yang setengahnya lagi.

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be tough. strong. and irresistible :D *grin*


be tough. strong. and irresistible :D *grin*

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Now that I grown up, I realize how hard to be an adult. To sort everything on my own.

From the deepest of my heart, i thank you mom and dad for all the hard works. I may not be as good as you, but just to let you know, I’ll try my best.

Dear me,

Get a grip. You can make it! 

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“When you turn back to God, you feel ashamed. Ashamed to be asking forgiveness of a sin you’re not sure if you can stay away from. Except, you still ask. You still ask, because you know that your Lord is the Most Merciful. That no one can understand what you feel, except Him. You turn back and ask for forgiveness because unlike those in this world, God will always be by your side.”

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“Semoga makin hari makin solehah. Bukan makin hari makin rasa solehah. Beza ya. Jauh beza. 😌”

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